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Khajuraho the Temple of Love. Photo

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Khajuraho the Temple of Love. India

The Sex Temples of Khajuraho


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Khajuraho the Temple of Love,  India

The Khajuraho Temples are a group of Hindu and Jain temples in India, about 620 kilometres (385 mi) southeast of New Delhi. Most Khajuraho temples were built about 1000 AD, 20 temples have survived. The temples are famous for their erotic sculptures.

The remoteness and isolation of Khajuraho protected the Hindu and Jain temples from continued destruction by Muslims. Over the centuries, vegetation and forests overgrew, took over the temples. They say the temples were secretly in use by yogis. In the 1830s the temples were thus rediscovered by the global audience.

The Khajuraho group of temples were built together but were dedicated to two schools of Hinduism and to Jainism - suggesting a tradition of acceptance and respect for diverse religious views among Hindus and Jains.

The temples have a rich display of intricately carved statues. While they are famous for their erotic sculpture, sexual themes cover less than 10% of the temple sculpture. The arts cover numerous aspects of human life and values considered important in Hindu pantheon. The art work symbolically highlight the four goals of life considered necessary and proper in Hinduism - dharma, kama, artha and moksha.

Sexual and erotic sculpture, Photo 1. Khajuraho the Temple of Love. India
Khajuraho temples are famous for their erotic arts.
These constitute about 10% of total art
displayed at the monuments.

The Khajuraho temples feature a variety of art work, of which 10% is sexual or erotic art outside and inside the temples. Some of the temples that have two layers of walls have small erotic carvings on the outside of the inner wall. Some scholars suggest these to be tantric sexual practices. Other scholars state that the erotic arts are part of Hindu tradition of treating kama as an essential and proper part of human life, and its symbolic or explicit display is common in Hindu temples. James McConnachie, in his history of the Kamasutra, describes the sexual-themed Khajuraho sculptures as "the apogee of erotic art".

Sexual and erotic sculpture, Photo 2. Khajuraho the Temple of Love. India

Erotic sculptures

The temples have several thousand statues and art works. Some 10% of these iconographic carvings contain sexual themes and various sexual poses.

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